Hello World!

Howdy all!

We’re pleased to annouce to the world that the Library Association of Ireland has its very own dedicated Career Development Group!

We come from a year of proposals and meetings, and finally on the 23rd of October 2012 the LAI hosted an inaugural meeting of the brand new (and shiny) LAICDG.

A strong committee of seven was elected on the day, and since then we’ve been very busy with the set up of the group…lots of documents, emails and more documents. But we’re getting there 🙂

There will be more details about the group soon on the LAI website and we incourage all of you to tick the box next to LAICDG next time you renew your LAI membership.

We’re planning to have great events, formal and informal, and our very first Librarycamp in Ireland – see all about the UK Library Camp if you’re not sure what we’re talking about.

For now, we’re on Twitter @LAICDGroup (soon on facebook too)…and rumors have it that there’s going to be a Logo Competition too!

So stay tuned 🙂


Author: laicdg

Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland.

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