CDG Open Day a great information day for library and info professionals

CDG open day 2013
CDG open day 2013

Hi everyone!
this is the day after our Open Day and we can definetely feel happy about how our first organised event went 🙂

The turn out was great and the talks were very well received. Not to mention the tons of biscuits consumed on the premises of Pearse Street Public Library in Dublin.

There are a couple of posts about the event already floating about on the web that we recommend. So do take a minute and read:

      – the very informative post by our committee member Sarah Connolly

on the always great Libfocus

      – a very insightful account of the talks by MLIS student Sarah Kennedy

on her blog

      – and another brilliant account of the event by MLIS student Jenny

on her blog Crafty Tails


And don’t forget to have a look at our slideshow from the day on Flickr!


Thank you everyone – Pearse Street library, the speakers, the CDG committee and everyone who attended or interacted on social media – it was a great success thanks to you all 🙂