Library Camp Ireland

Ireland’s first Library Camp

25th May 2013

The Chocolate Factory – King’s Inn Street, Dublin 1, from 2pm.

Libcamp Logo

asl-logo-150x150The Academic and Special Libraries Section along with the Career logoDevelopment Group of the LAI are happy to co-host Ireland’s first Library Camp on the 25th May 2013.

Library Camp is an unconference – so it’s an opportunity for all facets of the Library community and information profession within and outside of Ireland to get together.

Unconferences have no key-note speaker and do not have a running order.

Library Camps have been held all over the UK and it’s also spreading across the globe and it’s a trend that has been building for some time now. Information Professionals love communicating, networking and sharing information so unconferences provide more flexibility for that to take place.

libcampblogAt Library Camp it is the participants who lead the agenda for the day – and until you the participant make suggestions or ‘session pitches’ there is no agenda. You crazy mixed up Info Pros!

However, because this is our first Library Camp in Ireland we’ve decided to give participants the opportunity to ‘pitch’ sessions that they would like to host or co-present to ensure that we all get the most from the day.

As it’s an unconference we will be following the principles of Open Space events – frameOpenSpace-Onlineparticipants can wander in and out of sessions, we will be encouraging you to tweet, blog and take photos during Library Camp.

We’ll be launching the Eventbrite booking platform on the 3rd May and on the same date we’ll launch the online facility where you can ‘pitch’ what you would like to see happening at Library Camp.

Our online platform will also provide you with the facility to load your blog posts about your Library Camp experience, post up your images and enable us all to share the experience with the wider information professional community.

Ireland’s first Library Camp is open to all within the information profession – whether you are a student, working in the public, private or academic sectors, qualified or not, a new to the role or someone who has worked for years within the field – we want YOU!

So put your thinking caps on – consider what you would like to take place at Library Camp and get booking and posting on the 3rd of May.

Places are limited so get booking to avoid disappointment.

Book here via eventbrite.

Pitch here via our online site.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 25th May – follow #irelibcamp for the most up to date information.

Refreshments will be provided  please bring cake to assist with the flow of ideas!

Rachael K . lw . ccc


Author: laicdg

Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland.

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