For Those About to Blog …

… we salute you! (Some CDG Committee members do like their AC/DC).


Really, though, we do salute you. Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts, share your expertise and make a difference by inspiring and helping those around you (in our case, information professionals). After meeting so many of you at Library Camp Ireland and other events, and from talking and engaging with some of you on Twitter we know how enthusiastic you all are! We’re the same! The CDG was originally created to promote opportunities for members to network and discuss issues around career development and job opportunities, to establish links between employers and information professionals, and to help the Library Association of Ireland to promote professional standards and continuing professional development.


One of the ways we’ve attempted to address all this is by setting up this blog to promote events and to discuss those issues affecting librarians and information professionals in the current job environment. Being realistic, however, we know that a small Committee cannot cover every aspect of librarianship and library career development, despite being a fairly diverse group of individuals. That’s why we want to invite all of those interested to make submissions to this blog.

We will consider a variety of topics and are looking at the following in particular: non-traditional (and traditional!) work opportunities and skills; CV and interview tips; career and professional development in libraries (or elsewhere); alternative funding models for job creation; how to freelance; self-employment tax issues and the value and importance of LIS professionals and libraries generally. If you want to discuss these issues or anything else relating to career development in libraries, send us an email with the word BLOG in the subject line. We would be delighted to hear from you!


Author: laicdg

Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland.

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