Library Camp Ireland 2014

Libcamp Logo Orig1Library Camp Ireland was organised for the second year in conjunction with the Academic and Special Libraries Group of the LAI. It was an honour to work with such an established LAI group, popular for its successful workshops and seminars. The selected meeting place, Wood Quay Venue, was astonishing with its historical remains from medieval Dublin, made us all feel like we were the ‘cutting-edge Vikings’ of the information profession.


It was my first time at a Library Camp. I had some idea of what to expect after reading last year’s blog from the Career Development Group. And my foretaste was met well beyond my initial expectations. Since joining the Master’s course at DBS in 2011, I have been to several events organised by various LAI groups for different reasons: learning about the new profession I was entering, meeting and talking to like-minded people and apprehending latest ways of operating within different fields of the profession. However, I must admit that the focal point about Library Camp – is that it is an event where not knowing each delegate does not make you feel like ‘a fish out of water’. It turned out to be a social/profession meeting-day with a lot more overflowing knowledge than in any other convention I have been to. In fact, embracing and sharing current or past work experience in every field was the theme of the day! Some of the attendees have had years of experience within the information profession and seeing them actively participating in the initial interaction of ‘speed-dating for info pros’ amongst people just entering the profession was pretty gratifying.

Despite being occupied with taking as many photographs as possible on the day, I was still able to contribute to a couple of the discussions (pitches) and absorb some encouraging tips from other participants. I found particularly interesting Roy Murray’s pitch about creating a social media content ‘bible’, which was run at the end of the day and maybe for too short a time. What I liked most was the practical group work. Social Media is spreading like a virus in the information profession and it’s evolving on a daily basis. Hence, I think more LAI groups should dedicate some of their workshops to this area. Thank you Roy, for contributing with such an outstanding topic.

Social Media Content Bible
Final pitch – Social Media Content Bible

My first thought about the day was that everyone who has a drift toward the information profession should be made aware about the ethos of the Library Camp, and get involved in it. Therefore, as part of the LAI Career Development Group’s committee, I look forward to organising Library Camp Ireland 2015 alongside the Academic and Special Libraries Section of the LAI.

Post by Lara Musto, Treasurer of the LAI Career Development Group.


Author: laicdg

Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland.

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