Revamped CDG website

Your new CDG Committee was convened after the AGM in September 2014 and although it might seem like we’ve been quiet over the last few months I can assure you that we have been working hard in the background and have lots of plans for the coming year.

New features

libcampblogWe’re working very hard on some exciting events, including LibCamp 2015. We hope to announce details of another fantastic event in the Spring focusing on skills for the library of the future and we’re planning a Twitter Chat based around resources for developing your career (#cdgchat) for early March. So watch this space!

You may have also noticed that our website has had a bit of a facelift. We are planning to start adding librarian profiles of various types of librarians, from systems librarians to law librarians to corporate librarians, to the site. The term ‘Librarian’ has so many meanings and we feel this new feature will help outline different career paths.

We’re are also working hard on adding new content and resources for librarians who are hoping to upskill. At the top of the website we have a new menu item for ‘Resources’. These are divided into job hunting, education and training, skills for librarians, online resources and useful software.

This is where you come in!

We need your help to expand the number of resources for librarians. So tell us (comment on this post, email us, send us a tweet, comment on Facebook) what resources you’ve found invaluable in your career or career development.

Is there any piece of software you can’t live without? Are there any online resources pinned to your bookmarks bar in your browser that you use daily? Have you attended a training course you can recommend? What did you find useful when you were starting off job hunting or looking to climb the ladder a little bit higher?

Guest blog posts

UnknownDo you have an idea for a guest blog post related to job hunting, training, skills, software or other resources?  Would you like to write about any aspect of your job? If so please get in touch with an outline of what you’d like to write. Posts need only be around 500 words. We request that the post is your original work and has not been published elsewhere, including your own website or blog. If published your post will be licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence.

We are particularly interested in hearing from trained librarians who are working outside of a traditional library. How has your library training helped you in your role? What transferable skills do you feel librarians have?

If you attended our Academic Writing Workshop this is a great way to put what you learned into practice and expand your CV at the same time. So what are you waiting for?


Author: Jenny

Happily indulging the creative me through knitting, pottery & photography, with professional interests in Research Data Management & Digital Preservation. Metadata nerd 4eva.

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