Human Search Engines-Formally Known as Librarians

Library Camp 2015Living in a world whereby technology has made it easier and faster than even before to gain access to information. The real problem is not access to information but rather is too much information to sort through. This got me thinking about my old college days were I didn’t really know to find reliable and accurate information. I always felt like I could have been taught these information searching skills prior to starting my undergraduate college degree. This is where I got the idea of that Librarians market themselves as having expertise in information searching skills and work with secondary school teachers.   This so that school students have a bit of a head start in college and are a bit savvier when it comes to finding information online.

It was that time of year again when I was to attend the infamous Library Camp. I was excited to get an opportunity to pitch my idea to my fellow librarian buddies in a fabulously designed new library. I started off by introducing my idea and opened up the floor to a lively discussion. Some key points were:

  • Schools without a library or professional librarians were at serious disadvantage- opportunities to have space and resources to provide this kind of tuition was very limited.
  • There needs to a change in the school curriculum to provide more opportunities for students to do research at second level instead of spoon-feeding the information
  • At primary level some of these skills are taught for example pupils were shown how to use an index. However because there is no tuition at second level these skills were never developed or were even lost.
"Information Literacy" by Ewa Rozkosz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Information Literacy” by Ewa Rozkosz is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Overall there was an agreement that there is a serious need to provide students with the opportunity to develop these skills. In doing so students are better prepared going into University. These skills are relevant for world we live in today and are important to have for their future career. I really enjoyed pitching and hearing what my fellow Human Search Engines had to say. The whole day was very successful.

By Elaine Fahy