Library Camp 2018 – Call For Pitches 

Due to the great success of previous Library Camps we will be hosting the next Library Camp on Saturday the 26th of May in DBS Castle House from 11am-4pm.

At Library Camp it is the participants who lead the agenda for the day – and until you make session pitches there is no programme.  So we need you to pitch your idea to us (by email to ) and we’ll be adding pitches as we receive them to the blog over the next few weeks.

Pitches are informal sessions where you lead a discussion.

We are delighted that Loretta Rose will be participating and her pitch is as follows:


Aiming to outline methods to design creative, fun storytimes and arts & craft sessions for babies, toddlers, young children and their caregivers.

Using “Right to Read” recommendations to employ “themes” in storytime sessions I will explain what a “theme” is and how it differs from the subject.

I will also demonstrate methods to align these themes within the context of Early Childhood and Primary School Curriculum learning objectives, using examples of storytime components and recommended order of activities.

Drawing from over 10 years as a professional voice-over artist and 15+ years’ experience teaching drama in primary schools I will offer tips, techniques and advice to maximize learning outcomes and minimize challenging behaviors – ensuring a popular programme with robust participant engagement and excellent repeat attendance levels.


Library camps emphasise the informal, and that’s where we need your help. If you have ideas, thoughts, or even musings on the topic then please send us a pitch – it’s a great way to get some public speaking experience/kudos and a great way to show your commitment to the cause!

Library Camp provides the perfect space for communicating, networking and sharing information

You can pitch sessions that you would like to host or co-present on the day. To get an idea of what it involves check out the session pitches from 2016. There is no powerpoint, just a flip chart if you want to make notes. You are not presenting in the traditional style, but leading a discussion around your chosen topic. A pitch generally takes about 30 minutes and can incorporate games if you want to get creative! Audience-participation is key.

We also encourage participants to bring some baked goods –  savoury or sweet  – to help fuel hungry pitchers!

Library Camps follow the principles of Open Space events – participants can wander in and out of sessions and we encourage you to tweet, blog and take photos during Library Camp…it’s a fun time!

Email with your pitch today!


Author: laicdg

Career Development Group of the Library Association of Ireland.

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