The Career Development Section of the Library Association of Ireland represents both existing library and information professionals and new graduates looking for job opportunities. Committee members are drawn from members of the group and meet once a month. If a member has any issue that they would like brought to the Committee’s attention, an email should be sent to the Secretary.

Aims and Functions

Our aims are:

  • To create opportunities for members to discuss issues around career development and employment;
  • To create a link for employers and potential employees or interns within the profession;
  • To liaise with both Education Committees (Professional Standards and CPD) to identify ways to support their work particularly in the area of internships, LIS volunteering and mentoring programmes and;
  • To support the work of the LAI in advocating for the LIS profession, LIS professionals and libraries in Ireland.

The function of the CDG is to develop a proactive approach to employment in libraries through the discussion of issues such as career development and employment and by liaising with employers and groups across all library sectors. This will be done through formal and informal events, talks and joint training with other LAI committees/groups as well as developing a jobs hub for LIS professionals that caters to both traditional and non-traditional library work.

To find out more about our events or to ask any questions, you can email us at laicareerdevelopment@gmail.com

CDG Mission & functions


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