Library Camp The CDG in conjunction with our lovely friends, the Academic and Special Libraries Section and Saint Patrick’s College Library, are delighted to announce that May 23rd marks the return of the LAICDG Library Camp!

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So for any wondering what is a library camp, it is an informal gathering of all those interested in libraries who would like to come together and discuss the ‘hot’ topics in the field of information science. Library Camp Ireland is one of a number of library camps that have taken place all over the world. A more detailed explanation can be found in the How it all works section.

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This is an informal gathering & we really mean that!

This is an unconference, a gathering without set speakers where people come together to discuss what is most important to them. And what is most important? Well that is for YOU to decide. So get yourself over to the Pitches page and let us know or see the navigation bar on the left for more details on Library Camp.

See you all on Saturday May 23rd for some lively discussions & some post event drinks, location to be decided.

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