The Pitches for 2015

This page will be updated as pitches are submitted and approved. If you want to pitch but you’re not sure what to talk about we have some suggestions on our ‘What to pitch‘ page. Simply email with an outline of your idea and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tickets can be booked online via Eventbrite.

Library Camp 2014
Library Camp 2014

LibGuides, Loop & Library videos…marketing Library services at Cregan Library

We currently have c.2,500 students, of which an increasing number are distance learners – this means a majority of their course is delivered online. According to Silver (2005) “the majority of students indicate a preference for online instruction over classroom instruction” when it comes to Library information.

We’re currently engaged in using 3 different tools which we’re hoping will market the Library’s services to stakeholders (inclding students) and which we’re also hoping can be used to re-enforce the Library’s role in College-life. These are Loop (formerly Moodle),LibGuides and Library videos. We would be delighted for feedback if any attendees have used these platforms or have ideas on how they can be leveraged to provide and demonstrate value-added Library services.

Pitched by Genevieve Larkin

The librarian’s elevator pitch

I often struggle to explain what I do to people. It’s an inevitable question when you meet someone for the first time: “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?”. My title is Data Curator but this is met with blanks stares when I tell people. So I often say I’m a Librarian, which can be met with as much confusion (or lame jokes about ‘shushing’, like I haven’t heard that one before!)

I would love to brainstorm how we market ourselves as librarians and come up with an ‘elevator pitch’ to explain what we do. We know our value and the value of libraries so well it can often be difficult to explain it quickly and succinctly to others. So as well as looking at the value of librarians I would also like to brainstorm an ‘elevator pitch’ for the value of libraries general. This will be useful for explaining to friends and family, but also when promoting our value to our wider organisations.

Pitched by Jenny O’Neill

There & Back Again: Borrowing & Lending Items for an Exhibition!

UCC Library runs exhibitions for education purposes, library advocacy, showcasing collections, accessibility and as means of engaging with various communities. For each exhibition held a business plan is required showing the costs of the exhibition which may be used to secure funding. Sometimes to make an exhibition work a library would like to exhibit items that aren’t part of that library’s collections. This pitch looks at some of the behind-the-scenes procedures which should be considered when borrowing an item for an exhibition.

  • Age & condition of item
  • Conservation required? Who pays?
  • Lending library writes condition report of item – lending library wants it returned in the same condition it was lent!
  • Decide how it’s to be displayed: special equipment required?
  • Agree on a contract – what’s covered and what’s not
  • How is it transported there and back?
  • The Hobbit’s journey was easier!

Pitch based on UCC Library’s Special Collections’ experience of lending an 1802 item to the British Library for an exhibition.

Pitch by Elaine Harrington

Small library – Large organisation

In this pitch, Niamh and Andrew will share their experiences of how to promote librarians and libraries within a large organisation. The pitch will also look at how to market to different stakeholders; e.g. those who use the service versus those who manage the budgets!

In order to devise an effective marketing and promotion programme, the first thing to consider is to work out who your audience is. What works for one library, won’t necessarily work for another, especially in niche, or small libraries. This can be partly achieved through sampling using a questionnaire. Andrew will be explaining how he conducted such a survey and how it can potentially be used in devising marketing plans in your library. 

Pitch by Niamh Hanratty and Andrew Moore

Marketing for the Libraryless Librarian

Hooray you’ve graduated! You didn’t think you’d survive the Dissertation but somehow you’ve come through it! You feel exhausted and yet elated, but now it’s time for your next challenge… How to make yourself noticeable.

Marketing yourself when you’re not affiliated with a Library can be a tricky business. Thankfully there are simple ways of making friends and influencing people, which will help you on the career path. The first step is to come to Library Camp, join in the discussion and learn how to become the Librarian that no Library could be without.

Pitch by Louise Galligan

Brainstorm…how to exploit the zeitgeist, using traditional and social media, in order to market your library.

  • Social media is a useful and powerful tool; but how do we harness, and utilise it as a marketing tool, without reaching saturation point?
  • Just like ‘the farmer and the cow-hand’, can traditional and social media ‘be friends’?
  • What is the social, literary, or artistic zeitgeist in your community, campus, county or country?
  • My pitch will:
    • Argue that social and traditional media can indeed be friends.
    • Put forward ideas of initiatives where media can be used in innovative and complementary ways, as a way to market your library.
    • Detail my observations on what the zeitgeist is, and imagine ways in which it can be harvested and engaged with; enabling a library, and its associated campaigns, stand out in the white noise of ‘vying for the public’s attention’…Anybody for a pop-up or a pop-out?!!

 Pitch by Carolanne McPartlan

Human Search Engines: formerly known as librarians

In today’s world access to information has never been easier – with a simple touch on a mobile phone we have instant access to information.  The problem lies with learning how to find a reliable source of information.  And this is where Human Search Engines really need to market themselves as having expertise in information searching skills.

Human Search Engines need to sell the idea of the importance of developing information searching skills to be better prepared for university.  I have always felt that these skills should be taught at second level education.  I will never forget my first year of college and doing my first assignment. There is an automatic assumption that you know how to find reliable and accurate information. It takes a long time to develop information searching skills and get your head around the amount of academic databases.  If Librarians or Human Search Engines (as I call them) could create training packages and market them to teachers this would really help to equip students with information searching skills.

No longer would students come out of school thinking “sure it’s on the internet therefore it must be true, right?”

Pitch by Elaine Fahy

Picture Perfect Presentations

Image from


According to marketing guru Seth Godin “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention” so how can libraries grab some of that attention? Well, we live in an era in love with images with a staggering 10% of all photographs ever taken supposedly taken in the past year. Our culture is a visual one so including images to complement your message increases the likelihood of people reading, engaging or listening to what you have to say.

We must harness the power of images and use them to market ourselves and our libraries in a way that gets us more attention and makes us more memorable. Join me to find out how to make your marketing message more visually appealing by sourcing and using unique free images and help make your library marketing arsenal “picture perfect”.

Topics covered:

  • What type of images to use
  • Where to find the best free images
  • Ideas for creating your own images
  • Using advanced search options to find the perfect image
  • Dos and don’ts and other useful tips for pics
  • A takeaway tip to reduce the size of image heavy files.
  • Further reading and useful links

Pitch by Niamh O’Sullivan

Tickets can be booked online via Eventbrite.


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