What to pitch

Library Camp 2014 LauraTo help you get your thinking caps on we have some suggestions below, but we would love hear if you have any further ideas – anything that is in some way related to marketing of libraries or librarians! You are not limited to the topics below, these should act as inspiration.

Booking is now live via Eventbrite.

You’ll be informally hosting or co-hosting the discussion on what you pitch – so bring along a few notes about what aspects you’d like to discuss.

Simply email laicareerdevelopment@gmail.com with an outline of your idea and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Branding … posters… displays… email… word of mouth… events & talks… tours… outreach… campaigns… social media…

How do you market your library?

Library CampMarketing library resources and collections

What tools do you use to market your library resources? What avenues do you use to reach your users? How do you promote your collections and services? This pitch looks at the tools we use – posters, emails, word of mouth, social media, events, tours, outreach etc.

If you have an example of what has worked for you we want to hear from you! If you followed a campaign in a library that you were inspired by we want to hear from you!

Marketing a new library services

A great new service has just been added to the already extensive list of services provided by the library but how do we let the users know about it? This pitch could look at how we get the message out there about our new service, what do we need to tell the users, what timeframes to consider and what marketing mediums to try. It also looks at what has worked for other organisations in the past.

Marketing in smaller libraries

There are many solo librarians working in small (and not so small) libraries with even smaller budgets. What tools can solo librarians use to market, not only themselves as librarians, but the services they offer? How can this be worked into an already packed ‘to do’ list?

Marketing the library to the wider organisation

Selling the value of library within a larger organisation can be a challenge. We all know how valuable a kick-ass librarian can be but how do we communicate that to the wider institution.

Marketing outside your organisation

Does your library reach out to groups outside the organisation, such as schools, community centres, or third level institutions? How do you promote your collections and services to these external groups? This pitch could look at strategies to engage groups outside your immediate organisation, either through social media, events, collaborations, etc.

Marketing librarians – what’s your elevator pitch?

What do you say when people ask you what you do? Do you say that you are a librarian or information professional? How we market ourselves as a profession? What is your elevator pitch? How can we demonstrate the value libraries in under three minutes?

Proving our worth  – the elevator pitch

Managing social media

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience. One of the main benefits is the fact that it is free. However it still needs a commitment from the library to make it a success. The cost in staff hours should not be ignored. This pitch could look at tips and tools for managing social media and integrating it into existing workflows.

What library social media accounts are doing it right and what we can learn from them?

Monetising the Past: Medieval Marginalia and Social Media

Marketing beyond Twitter and Facebook

Facebook and Twitter are widely used by libraries to market their services but what other social media platforms are worth considering? Has your library successfully used blogs, Pinterest or Tumblr for promotion? What’s the next must-engage social media platform? Has your library tried any of these services and it didn’t work? Failure is a valuable learning tool too.

Creating appealing graphics for your library

Tips and tools for creating bold posters and website graphics that catch the attention. This pitch could look at the importance of maintaining a look and feel across your marketing materials, as well as tips for creating appealing visuals. What tools are available? Where can you get free images without violating copyright?


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